I try to remain active in the open source community, time permitting. The following things are currently on my (personal) OSS radar.

PFA (working name) - active

PFA is the working name for a project recently started to build an application and service framework in Perl. This framework is meant to support the development of enterprise class applications that can be distributed, service oriented, design pattern faithful, easy to maintain, and thorough in features and management function. The framework is being built in such a way that the components are loosely coupled by group so that building a command line tool doesn't require database backends, web service end points don't require command line option parsing libraries, and so on - a structural feature lacked by some other frameworks and / or language base libraries. Perl was chosen rather than Python, Ruby, Java, C/C++, or others (all of which are cool languages in their own right) because that is what I'm currently using at my day job and is therefor my current focus. It's also to prove a point - Perl is only as ugly and unmaintainable as the author wants it to be. This is also to serve as the basis for a number of other projects I won't yet name.

This project is still in its infancy. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact me. Note that not only coders are required - everyone has a place in the open source community - technical writers, testers, users, sysadmins, system architects, business process folk, etc.

Gentoo Linux - active
I have been involved in Gentoo Linux development for a few years. Most of the work I've done is relegated to the dev-perl portage category maintenance and the Gentoo Linux Installer project. I've been far less active over the last year or so, but plan on reinvolving myself with one or both of these things. If you're looking for a good project to devote your time to and a great group of people to learn from, this is the place. I work under the nick esammer here.

These projects are either no longer active or I am not involved in anymore. Some of them still exist out there, but mostly, this is informational.

GSDS (Gentoo Server Deployment System) - defunct
This is a project that I started prior to becoming an official Gentoo developer. It was targeted at the enterprise server community of Gentoo users and was meant to aid in fast rollout of machines. Development had been halted and work rolled into the Gentoo Linux Installer project when I became an official Gentoo-ite.
LinuxSTEP - defunct
LinuxSTEP was a distribution based on the concept of an OpenSTEP / MacOSX type operating environment with a Linux kernel. The project went pretty far, but was eventually disbanded. It was started by Tim Harrison and myself. Development is halted. Original code for lspm (the LinuxSTEP package manager and framework) is still in my posession (somewhere) and available to anyone interested, under the GPL. I have given it out to people who requested it in the past, but never heard of anyone doing anything with it. There are rumors of a small community of folks out there still toying with this.
libfssearch - defunct
A C++ library for traversing directory structures and performing operations on each file system object along the way. Simple, easy to use, and entirely defunct. It was written out of necessity a very long time ago, but may be useful to someone.

In addition, I've contributed random patches, documentation, and other such things to other projects. Most of the time, it was enlightened self interest that prompted these contributions. I've been involved in other projects than what is listed here, but some of them never went anywhere and the rest aren't worth talking about.